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Real Estate Niche Advice

Real Estate Niche Advice…

You've got to get creative about who is looking for a home. You've got to search for locally based people. Use tools like and find people that are local. You can search for anyone that lives in Scottsdale AZ! Or search anyone who has tweeted "moving to Scottsdale". Then engage these people! You can also use and search keywords like renting, leasing a house or furniture for sale. The people that are using these keywords in their social platforms are potential clients.

Think about what are your prospects saying, tweeting, or posting that would identify them as a potential customer? Check out Yahoo Answers.

Long story short. Get "Nichey". Stay hyperlocal and search for what your prospective clients might be saying. There you will find business.

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Google Plus Tip: SEO!


Google Plus Tip: SEO!

When you write about a subject on Google+ and your circle friends Google that subject, your comments and links are displayed AUTOMATICALLY on Google’s page one. This is HUGE!

Test is out. Find me and add me to your circle. Start Googling my post subjects. Soon you will find my post on the front page of Google… :)

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Selling on Social Networks



Engage before you try to sell someone on a Social Network  but definitely sell!

The problem is people do not apply basic sales principals to social media because people think that sales is “bad”. But people who come and sell first alienate themselves, hence the bad rep. What’s the solution? You ask! The solution is ENGAGE before you sell! Developing the relationship becomes the context for the sale, so doing business is a natural next step. Doing business with you becomes an opportunity.So, how do you engage on Social Networks.? Come and be a listener first. What does that mean? Pay attention to what people are saying! Readblogs, books & ebooks for information! Act as a customer would! Participate in the conversation. Why? Because you need to find out what the problems are and how could you solve them?! Give them what they need, not what you are selling.

Get connected on the main social networks. Invite people to be friends then invite them off the platforms to places you have control over. Like webinars, your blogs, business pages and email opt-in forms.

I have to warn you though, studies are showing that it is very clear that the most effective social marketing tactics can be the most difficult. Blogger relations — the most effective tactic reported — is also the only tactic to break into the 70%-range in terms of marketers reporting it as “very” or “somewhat” difficult. Also the three most-effective tactics — blogging, SEO for social sites, and blogger relations — are known to require significant amounts of time and effort before results are shown.

Bottom line, hard work pays off but is it hard work to make friends online?? It depends on who you talk to. Check out my blogs when you have some time.

http://RealtyBlurb &

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Pull vs. Push Marketing

Pull marketing is a great way to market your service or product. Pull marketing encompasses things like social media marketing, SEO and blogging as opposed to push marketing tactics like cold calling, spamming and commercial advertising. Pull marketing is hanging out in the areas where people are looking for what you have.You can no longer throw a net out there and hope you’ll reach your target market. You must be hyper local, niche oriented with content that is targeted and specific. If not, you will get tuned out. There is so much content out there. So much white noise. Do not interrupt someones day with stuff that people do not want. Instead set up a space that will attract things that your target market wants.

What do your potential clients need or want?? Blog about that! Search keywords on that subject or phrase! Then post, tweet, blog, video, digg these subjects often enough and you will be found.

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Internet digital video advertising

Digital video advertising is steadily gaining momentum within internet marketing, with eMarketer estimating a 38.6% online video ad spending increase this year alone. Break Media indicates most advertisers (70%) plan to increase digital video ad spend within the next 12 months. When choosing online video ad placements, channels or providers, the most important determinants are audience targeting capabilities. Among agencies, targeting was the most important factor: 88% rated it “very important!”. (info provided by eMakerter)

What does all of this mean? Video is the future! Now is the time to start getting your videos seen. And audience targeting is numero uno! I’d start by getting your videos out to your database of clients. That’s 100% targeting. The CRM VideoN5, (mentioned in the video above) is a good place to start syndicating your digital video content. And, not only to your database but to social platforms as well. (Use code WCRLTPG to get a discount the first month)

Call your sales video’s “presentations”. Presentations denote information is going to be delivered. Here are a few tips when creating your digital video ad. 1. An eye catching headline and attention grabbing greeting is key, key, key! 2. Digital ad videos should be between 12 to 20 minutes max. 3. A capture widget or buy button is a must. 4. Get rid of the all buttons except for pause capabilities and make the video auto play.

Let your clients know that you understand their problem and promise to solve it. Then aggravate the problem. The easiest way to do this is by telling them a story about how a client or someone you knew did not follow the the things your presenting in your video and lost out.  Immediately provide a solution. Now, provide credentials, proof, results and or testimonials. Finally, present a logical call to action followed by questions like “How is tomorrow going to be any different then today? You wouldn’t be watching this video if you didn’t have a need. I have a solution, contact me today.

Use code WCRLTPG



How to use YELP in Real Estate!

Do you want to know how to use YELP in Real Estate? YELP like any other social platform needs to be interactive and sincere. Don’t enter into YELP’s platform with...

Do you want to know how to use YELP in Real Estate? YELP like any other social platform needs to be interactive and sincere. Don’t enter into YELP’s platform with how can this help me. Ask yourself “how can I keep it real”. If you had a bad experience somewhere it might be good for the owners to know it. Hopefully they are monitoring YELP. If you had a good experience somewhere it is a very good thing to leave a review.

Take a look at how Beth McKinney a Realtor from RE/MAX United in Cary, North Carolina, used Yelp to tell a story about one of her favorite businesses, the Southern Bread Company. She then printed out her review on Yelp, which included a picture of her standing in front of the shop and the Yelp logo, had it framed, and presented it to the business owners, who in turn, hung it on the wall behind their cash register. Now, every patron who comes to the store knows McKinney and everyone on the streets of Cary knows McKinney. She has created celebrity status for herself in some of these establishments.

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What is Digital Real Estate Marketing?

Digital Real Estate Marketing is the promoting of services through digital channels and online platforms. A digital real estate marketer should assist you in creating an engaging multimedia website as...
Digital Real Estate Marketing is the promoting of services through digital channels and online platforms. A digital real estate marketer should assist you in creating an engaging multimedia website as well as marketing campaigns that leverage video, email, mobile, referral & social media on sites such as Active Rain, Facebook, YouTube, Trulia, Zillow and other platforms to achieve your marketing goals.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved.

Step 1: Driving Traffic-

You’ll need to create compelling, multimedia marketing campaigns and get them out to your target market. Through customized Social Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Videos, QR codes as well as other offline efforts, you’ll maximize the number of people exposed to your message so they can see why your services are so amazing!

Step 2: Presentation-

Once the traffic is generated you’ll then communicate the key features and benefits you have to offer. You’ll want to develop a unique selling proposition, then create an engaging multimedia website. One that has video with animation, narration, and music. The entire site should engage the prospect and encourage them to take the next step in your sales process.

Step 3: Capture & Track Results-

Once you captivate your prospect, encourage them to complete an online survey, request a newsletter, or request information to gather data and email addresses for future marketing. Website traffic can be tracked in real time giving you immediate notice of activity for follow up and feedback in order to make adjustments to the site or strategy.

Step 4: Conversion-

Having captured your now, qualified – prospect’s name and email address, it’s time to engage them on a personal basis, using branded sales materials, webinar creation, and on-going communication tools. It’s not only about marketing… it’s about generating closings.

Digital Real Estate Marketing

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Facebook advertising tips for Real Estate Agents

Facebook advertising tips for Real Estate AgentsFacebook advertising tips for Real Estate Agents

It all starts with targeting, then ad creation and finally where to send people. Are you still putting ads out in the newspaper? Or paying for clicks in Google. How’s that working for you? For some it may still work but for most of us we need an edge and Facebook is where it’s at.

If you are the one skeptical person out there, I’ll give you some reasons why Facebook advertising is a good option. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are the most direct means of marketing your business today. 75% percent of buyers use social sites and only 15% of Real Estate Agents use social sites to market. Facebook members are classified by age, income, location, education, industry, job title, likes & interests! With Facebook ad campaigns you can reach specific types of individuals who are in the market to relocate, are underwater, interested in investing and the list goes on.

So back to the beginning of this message, it all starts with targeting.

Here are a few things you’ll need to make a list of:

  1. Are you tied to a geographic region? If so, where?
  2. Describe your typical client.
  3. What keywords describe your market?
  4. Industry media & publications.
  5. Niche celebrities.
  6. Competitors & Affiliates.

Now come up with 10 keywords from this list, then go to Design your ad fields, click continue to get to the Targeting page. Now, enter your top 10 keywords and make a note of any recommended pages that Facebook returns. Now write down the pages that are recommended next to each keyword. These will be your groups of which you will design an ad around.

80% of creating a Facebook Ad comes down to the image, then the title and finally the content. So Image and Title are key. Tweak the ad so it includes the relevant keywords and be careful of any trademark violations.

Lastly, stick with pay per click for now. It will really help you in the beginning with quantifying your ROI. Be sure to send people to a page that provides inside information or tools that they couldn’t find elsewhere. As long as you can provide a solution to their pain you’ll capture leads.

Remember images catch peoples attention! But don’t be this obvious…

Facebook advertising tips for Real Estate Agents

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“Top Ten Luxury Home Marketing Ideas”

“Top Ten Luxury Home Marketing Ideas”

1. Have a private “Art Party” or some other high class event. Try to get a local art gallery to bring in there art and or artists for a private event for about 100 people. Have wine and cheese. Do special invitations to wealthy people to get them to come and preview the home. No money out of pocket for the Realtor, have the art gallery and or artists sponsor the event. Realtor does invitations etc. Goal is to get the wealthy people out to see your luxury home.

2. Hold a ”Brokers Open” for the brokers. Also invite Top High End Realtors. Host a lunch or have a nice prize drawing to get the High End Realtors out. Phone the Realtors and do a special invite. Don’t invite the masses. You only want to invite other High End Realtors selling properties or listing properties over a million or more.

3. Price it right. This is obvious but it is crucial to get the client to have a reality check. Maybe they are overpriced from $800,000 to $2 million. If they want to sell in this manner, they have to price it right. This is KEY KEY KEY in this current market environment.

4. Do an open house 4 Sundays in a row from 2pm to 6pm. Take out a really nice ad in the news paper that grabs the attention & targets high end buyers. Have wine & cheese.

5. Create a special website for the home. Luxury home marketing requires an online presence. (ask me about eProperties)

6. Advertise in only high end magazines and if you have the budget, Robb Report, Dream Homes and other national magazines. Get the seller to pay up front and you reimburse at closing or split it 50/50 and reimburse the other 50% of advertising at closing!!!

7. Direct mail fliers and or postcards to only million plus neighborhoods.

8. Network with the right people, start with a ”Luxury Home Tour” and spread the word.

9. Create a Youtube Virtual Tour and or pay a professional videographer to help, so you can advertise the link electronically.

10. Take note of the competition and market accordingly.

Check out: They know Luxury Home Marketing.


Real Estate Marketing Online & Offline

Real Estate Marketing Online & Offline

Allot has been said about marketing online lately and I do agree that online marketing is a key component to a Real Estate professionals marketing plan. But we cannot forget to give offline marketing the weight it deserves.

So let’s dive into a plan that has both elements weaved in. I do believe it all starts with a website. The website is your hub. It’s strictly to build ones credibility and capture leads to convert to deals. Our focus is to drive prospects to our websites by way of online and offline tactics. You and your website should speak to your target prospects problems and show them how you will solve their problems thus prompting them to want to give you their information in order to receive more information from you. Your website is your 24 hour sales person. In your marketing always give your prospects reasons to contact you or want to get to know you.

Next is the follow up. The key to all of this is in the follow up. You must have a drip email system in place and a set of scripts to call each type of prospect back. If you are quick in the follow up you will make a lasting impression. If you don’t follow up quickly, the time you spent meeting them on Facebook, Trulia, Linkedin, that mixer, event, or advertisement you spent time and money on will all go to waste.

The primary goal in Real Estate marketing online and offline is to connect in order to build a relationship so that you will grow your list.

So here are some platforms online and offline that will help build strength in and grow your list:

  • Website & Blog
  • Trulia
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Article Directories
  • Videos/ Youtube Channel
  • Local Newspapers
  • Association Directories
  • Local Networking
  • Open Houses
  • Thank you notes

Real Estate Marketing Offline.                                            . Real Estate Marketing Online

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